An investigation in a world of torments.

In Torment plunges you head first in a world where madness rules. Search the scene for hints on the identity of the Drawing Girl and the events that caused her dementia.

Go beyond the realm of reality and go inside the clues you find. But beware of what may lurk in her tormented soul.

Mending a Tormented Soul.

Finding clues is only part of your duty. You must also talk to the girl and get her to open up to you.

Same Girl, Different Torments.

In Torment offers a new story when starting a new game. You can select the level of “darkness” of the story to your liking. The higher the level, the more twisted are the events and torments.

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What the Press Said:

" experimental gem of a game. Potential floods from it..."

"...we liked the maturity of the game, the unique approach to the artwork, the elegant interview system, and that we could replay it again and again."

"Not many games dare to go near the realm of sex crimes, but In Torment: The Case of the Drawing Girl does, and it handles it with respect and is able to weave it into its player-discovered mystery narrative delicately."

In Torment: The Case of the Drawing Girl
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